Roof Garden e Lampara


La Lampara Restaurant

A gastronomic experience of the highest level, this restaurant is an unmatched benchmark for Ischian cuisine, renewed and refined by the creativity of the chef Ciro Calise. Over the years his fame has spread beyond the borders of Italy and attracted famous international VIPs that come to the Island of Ischia in their mega yachts or helicopters.

The creativity of chef Calise combines, in inventive and exemplary ways, the tastes of local tradition with gastronomic innovation and flawless presentation.

The long waiting list clearly demonstrates the privilege it is to taste the specialties at the La Lampara surrounded by one of the most breath-taking views in all of Campania.

Ciro Calise started to pursue his dream at age 13 at the restaurant Bella Napoli, where he first discovered his love for Neapolitan cuisine.

Thus began his journey to five-star excellence, first with a major international hotel chain followed by the prestigious opportunity to work in St. Moritz where he learned new culinary techniques. He attended the Etoile School Sottomarina in Chioggia followed by a full immersion experience in Thailand.

After spending several years away from home chef Ciro decided to return to the island of Ischia. Here, Ciro and his wife Anna successfully worked in the Cartaromana Bay and then started to create their own project – La Lampara Restaurant. This restaurant represents their on going project who’s aim is to reach perfection in providing guests at La Lampara with an unforgettable culinary and sensory experience.


Roof Garden

The roof garden of the Miramare e Castello is accessed by taking the lift to the top of the Hotel and has a breath taking 360°panoramic view encompassing the Gulf of Naples, the islands of Procida, Vivara and Capri, the Castello Aragonese and Mount Epomeo. Here, guests can enjoy a private area where they can relax and pamper themselves in the sunbathing area equipped with sun loungers, 2 Jacuzzi pools and a small outdoor gym; there is also a lovely sofa area with wonderful sea views. On the roof garden guests can also enjoy a unique gastronomic and sensory experience at the restaurant La Lampara that is open for lunch or dinner or, in the afternoon, enjoy healthy freshly made juices or choose from a delicious selection of pastries and deserts.